Book Club Mamacitas

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I always used to be anti-book club because I feel that I don't have time to read, nevermind read something someone asks me to.  It just feels like school to me.  However, this time around I was definitely needing direction in the toddler-control area of my life so I decided to check out the required reading; "Brain Rules for baby" by John Medina and I actually loved it.  I taught me so much about myself and how I parent, was raised, how I deal with emotions, how I express myself.  I thought it was going to help me control Dax but it really helped me control ME.  

OK, now that the psychology lesson is out of the way, onto the food.  

Our friend Shannon had a fun Cinqo de Mayo Mamacita dinner and it was a FEAST.  She buys all her latin fare from Northgate market in Hawthorne.  There was a duo of guacamole; thai and traditional, a tortilla shrimp salad, my mexican spiced brownies with cayenne, cinnamon and chili powder, and the host's baked churros with dulce de leche dipping sauce.  Of course I had to take over the bar and whip up a pitcher of pomegranate citrus margies.

I think book club is ok now. :)

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