Monday, April 9, 2012

Ok i am totally obsessed with this site/blog/app/wiki whatever it is.  I think about pinteresting all day long.  I can't wait to Dax to go to bed so I can pinterest.  I make up interest boards in my head.  I'm into it.  It is so fun Its like lazy man's scrapbooking but paperless!  Its even green!  

I particularly enjoy using Houzz as my main resource to put together online "vision boards" of my potential dream home so I can quickly manifest it into my existance, PRONTO. 

Seriously, get more brillz than this.  

Feel free to follow my pinterest boards.  I do one for food, kids stuff, pet gear, home, decor, etc and I want to start an inspirational saying board as well.  

How fun is that?  No more magazine rippings clogging up your cupboards or office. (Although I do love to rip those mag pages).  Start pinning and have fun.

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