Birthday Eats, Etc

Monday, April 2, 2012

I know my birthday has come and gone but I also know most people like to stretch the celebration quite a bit; celebrate with different people, maybe celebrate with a party on a weekend and then need a mini celebration with family on the actual date.  

I like to make my birthdays pretty food-centric.  Its the one day you can and want to eat anything cuz its your birfday, so I always plan.  Breakfast is always pancakes, my fave, and then what do I want for lunch?  What am I craving most for dinner?  I made Dax eat some almond flour silver dollar 'cakes with me for breakfast with chicken apple sausage.  Lucky for me, my friend made my mind up for me for lunch and brought me 2 gluten free cupcakes from Cupcakes Couture.  I had the red velvet and the chocolate salted caramel.  DIE.  I was glad I didn't have to fall back on the Dr. Mercola cocoa cassava bars.  Although good, a cupcake they ain't.If you haven't poked around that site, you should.  Dr Mercola has really interesting and enlightening info on what you don't know can harm you, alternative health and exercise tips. 

My man was sweet enough to give me some "Chanel Bucks" towards the Large Flap Bag I will someday own.  It was a pretty good day.

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