Saturday Night In

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday nights have been cozy around here.  Baby is now sleeping through the night, and he goes to bed at 7, so 7pm is adult beverage and dinner time.  This particular Saturday night I made zucchini carpaccio, light fresh and delish.  A nice alternative to our typical tossed salad.  We had our standard cheese platter and gooey and sticky wings from here. We laid it all out on the coffee table and sat on the floor.  It was super fun! 

Then, the cocktails. Oh the cocktails.  I was in a mixology mood so I was in my test kitchen, shaking up the libations and then takinga few sips and handing them to my husband.  (I have a baby, I can't drink ALL those cocktails). 

I made a skinny girl margarita with my new favorite Hibiscus Tequila; Centenario Roseangel.  It will be my new summer drink for sure.  I add a splash of soda to mine. I made a basil gimlet inspired by the recipe at The Hungry Cat and a Pimms cup.  The Pimms cup I kind of experimented with my own "homemade" lemon/lime soda instead of 7up.  I was so proud I texted it to my cousin in England.  I'm not sure if she gets texts but I'll tell her all about it this summer.


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