Wicked Bizaah

Friday, January 1, 2010
My sister took me to The Bazaar for my birthday.  It was an incredible experience.  Not only do they artfully execute molecular gastronomy, but they have excellent tapas, charcuterie & cheese.  I thought it was going to be chefs posing as mad scientist, with little focus on actual good food.  
Boy was I wrong.
"Man made" olives that burst in your mouth like caviar, Serrano ham, pan con tomate, a special "air bread that is crunchy and light like a cracker.  
My caipirinha cocktail was made like this; the waiter poured rum and liquid nitrogen into a bowl with fresh citrus juices and scraped it into an "adult snow cone" topped with edibleflowers.  I was drunk off two bites. Silas' dirty martini had party olive and olive foam.  Divine.

Then delicious uni and fois gras cotten candy.  They want your experience to be exciting so they bring you into a separate patisserie for dessert, which I think was romantic.  I'd post some pics of dessert but it went too fast.

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