What I bought Wednesday

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Seriously the best granola.
My fave salsa & some tasty burger meat

I know.
It's been literally forever since I've posted. I apologize. I've blown off major moments like Christmas and New Years, but don't worry, there will be a recap.  So back to WIBW. When I can sneak into Grow this adorable little haven of a specialty store/farmers market, I always find some new little gems. Mind you, this is in between chasing a toddler through the aisles of perfectly stacked produce demanding "Apples! apples!".  Old faves include the agave- sweetened granola with an incomparable nutty/toasted flavor & my fave salsa with black beans and avo and a sidecar of minced jalape├▒o to suit your heat requirement levels. A new purchase is the gluten free wafers & Harris ranch sirloin burgers that a friend told me were to die for.  Can't wait to snack n' grill. 

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