What I bought Wednesdays, 2 days late

Friday, June 29, 2012

I had a very productive Wednesday this week.  I worked out in the am; Butt Bible with Pauline Nordine.  Then I filmed a cooking show with my friend Viv, ate our delish fare and then went shopping!  As you can see I was out of most of my fave sweeteners.  Sprouts Market to save the day.  I'm so glad they built one just a mile or 2 up the road from us.  I'm really going to miss it when we move to our super modern, ocean view, walk street Manhattan Beach home. Shucks.  

My dude came up with this brillz idea to suck down a packet of maple almond butter pre-workout.  I would prob do half b4 and half after depending on the calories but I always remember a spoonful of PB giving me loads of energy and hey, I'll always come up with a good excuse to eat a spoonful of PB.

PS How dar is that mini muscle tank for the squirt?  Too damn cute I say.

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