What I bought Wednesday

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Qbel was stale and chewy.  Super bummed

So I'm on a Gluten free kick again so what

Check out actual size.  Bigger than a 20lb dog.

Giant Goodness

I am excited about the stuff I picked up today.  I tried to get most of it down on the drive home, that's always fun.  I liked the texture of the Snikiddy snakcs but the ketchup flavor was a little too crazy for me, too sweet.  I read about the Alpsnack somewhere, that it was good but it had an overwhelming chewy texture when I expected it not too and too much coconut.  The Qbel has mad potential but apparently I got shafted with the one stale one.  I've tried their products before and they were awesome.  Like a healthy kit kat.

I am absolutely head over heels in love with this muffin!  It is insane!  The size, the nutritionals the calories??? I must have checked the label about 5 times.  I kept pulling out the package and saying really? REALLY???  It's hard to find a baked good that's healthy, low sugar and super low in calories.  110 per muffin! And they're HUGE! I intend to buy every flavor and stock pile them next time I'm at Sprouts.

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