Palm Springs Weekend Ace Hotel & Miramonte

Thursday, August 5, 2010
vespas lined up and ready for a joyride
desert plants
i loved the dark and dank los amigos bar
mod hip accents
our personal outdoor patio

He's so happy to be leaving he he
kings highway diner

Miramonte Hotel
Lime trees on the property. we stole some. shhh
I love the hammocks everywhere - just asking for a midday nap.
Dinner at Castelli's

My 22oz bone-in ribeye

we stayed at the Ace Hotel on Friday night.  it was super hipster paradise but a little too rough around the edges for us.  the room was minimalist to the 9's. honey likes a valet, bellhop, round the clock pool cocktail service, etc so i didn't complain when he yanked us out of there on Saturday on account of "my 7-months-pregnant-wife didn't get an ounce of sleep with these paper thin walls and the raging going on upstairs".  i try not to abuse it but its kinda fun being pregnant because you get to use the excuse to get out of some stuff, like mediocre hotels.the miramonte was much more resort-y but we just wanted to lounge in a big cushy air conditioned room and eat overpriced breakfast buffet food.  aaaaand listen to grocery store muzak at the pool...not.

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